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Fitness Business Women’s Leader

Women’s Fitness Business Leadership

Fitness Business Women’s Leader

This December will be 20 years since I qualified as a circuit and group fitness instructor back then we called it certificate 2 in fitness I have spent the last 16 years as a club owner, yet only worked 2 of the 4-year gap.

For the last 10 years off my own back, I’ve assisted many club owners, group fitness instructors, even suppliers with lots of different thoughts, ideas and solutions to whatever has confronted them. 

Some reached out because they felt unfairly done by, some reached out needing help for their business and some just reached out because they just did or to thank for me for something I posted. I often wonder why people would reach out to someone like me, uneducated, strong in personality, and apparently the perception of me is I don’t care what the world thinks about me….Such an untruth, I too am human. 

Yet it soon became clear it was about my thought process, how I make others think bigger, bigger than they thought possible, well that’s what I heard anyway. I have been known to ask for accountability from my peers, after all, we are an industry that sets goals which includes accountability for our clients, so why not our peers? 

I can break the conversation down until there is nothing but the obvious answer, solution or just plain truth. Apparently I can leave you standing there with a blank expression on your face, I’m yet to know what that really means…confusion or a light globe moment! Yes, I will call you out if need and I will probably interrupt you because I think too fast and I need to speak…I’m working on that! But what I have come to observe deeply is too many people in general just simply don’t expand their time and mind to evaluate problems or situations from all sides, leaders often jump to the first conclusion, whatever the evidence and sometimes people just pick the evidence or context because its safer than thinking outside the box, perhaps the truth will disturb them or get in the way of their agenda, or the obvious…well what happened first for that to occur, just ask my team, I’m famous for repeating myself..” go back to your very first source”….. and sadly sometimes we are all guilty of keeping the blindfold on. Many workplaces run on fear and so do many individuals. We didn’t plan it, it somehow just happened on the road we were travelling yet, not yet travelled. 

People participate in a world where many overuse and misunderstand undervalued words such as collaboration, diversity, opportunity, fairness, ethics, Inclusion, and equal. 

People as individuals are not always as secure as the visual display portrayed, as much as people don’t want to say a vast majority prefer to stay in their safe cultural community where they keep a rose-coloured view, frowning on others who challenge the status quo, yet people are entitled to an opinion to speak up without fear of ramification and isolation. 

In a world where we as health professionals have taken the role to lead others, we do poorly with our own peers at giving opportunity, we do poor at establishing diversification, and we get uncomfortable collaborating. We fear all those outside our social-cultural community, we feel inferior to strong and we are nervous to stray.

My life experiences and background mean I often see things differently to others, I refuse to become paralysed in my thinking and it disturbs me when I see others numb, I will share my views and accept not everybody will like them, but I would hope they would open their mind first. I will call out wrongdoing and I will apologise and laugh at my own stupidity, I will never falsify my agenda or passion, my passion and loyalty never allow me to sit on the fence, yes I am brave enough to jump. 

I will open my door to pave the way for those that I can help, there is no chip on my shoulder, I’m just a person like you, maybe just a little louder.

Our greatest fear, in my opinion, is dying, but we are all doing it, some just quicker than others, we may think our greatest fear is we are not loved, but we are, look up and look around you, and we may think our greatest fear are friends who really are just acquaintances and that’s how life is sometimes.


I think maybe our greatest fear is age and that we are no longer needed in the industry that we have loved, given so much too, felt alive and true to our reflection, your greatest fear may well be you are not prepared for this moment in so many different ways.

You are not alone and this is why we should band together as one.

That fear you feel, that lump in your throat, that feeling that went through your body as you read those words of truth, that is the same fear and feeling of many in our industry who are excluded each day by the thoughts, actions, and fears of those who refuse to expand their thinking and remove the barrier in an industry that speaks inspiration.

To lead is to include this in return creates an opportunity for all 

To exclude is to disarm talent and education for all 


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Fitness Business Women’s Leader


It’s about the experience not about the sweat!