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Continuing her quest of bringing collaborative innovation to fitness Mel Tempest a successful club owner, the founder of the Gym Owners’ Fitness Business Network, the Gym Owners Fitness Business Podcast and newly launched Womens Leaders Fitness Business Podcast And Group Mel is the founder and organiser of Australia’s first Ignite Fitness business event which now features globally across the world

After the success of her 2018 and 2019 events Tempest was engaged to launch and host “Ignite Fitness Business at Fibo USA, Expro Singapore in 2019 and is now preparing for 2020 Australia, USA and Singapore.

Ignite see’s fitness professionals rotate through four – six fast-paced fitness business roundtables, each of which are hosted by a world-class speaker over a period of 25 – 30 minutes period each table hosts a different topic and is limited to ten people, Tempest says this allows attendee’s Q & A that relate to their business, the attendee’s then move onto the next roundtable with a new host and topic. Hosts have included Emma Barry, Erin Kelly, Owen Bowling, Yvan Miklin, Steve Jensen, Paul Brown, Ed Zouroudis, Kelly Weideman and Dennis Hosking just to mention a few. Tempest launched the project in 2018 with sponsors from global suppliers such as Evolt360, Debit Success, Coaching Zone, Myzone, Fitrec, Impact Training And Novofit.

Ignite events also features five minute TedX style presentations and piranha’pitches where suppliers get five minutes to pitch their product, Tempest believes the events open the doors to new fresh faced speakers and suppliers. “Our industry is changing and we need to promote, evolve with a new era of education for all




Ignite was a great success. Inspiring stories with a great range of knowledgeable presenters. The roundtable format allowed for a more interactive session with presenters.


The speakers are all amazing in their own right. As someone who has been in the industry for 20 years, it would be far more beneficial hearing about how to make changes or improvements rather than personal journeys. While inspirational, it’s not exactly what we need. The short, sharp, 5-minute talks are a fantastic concept. If they can be developed, then I believe there is some very good scope for an excellent working session.


A refreshing and engaging event with great content and takeaways.

- Gerard Healy

Great experience, lots to learn, very good knowledge to have. Great group of people from the industry to learn from.


Great day that revelated a lot of things learned within business and the fitness industry. Would recommend it highly to new start-up businesses – the format and content would prove invaluable.


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