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Total Gym Commercial Australia & Greg Doherty

Greg Doherty kicks off part one of three episodes. We talk about the humble beginnings of HQF and Total Gym Commercial Australia. Working Alongside World Renowned Paul Chek Who Was Instrumental In Educating The World On Functional Movement And How Boat Building Layed the Foundation For A Successful Career. Episode 2 & 3 Will Bring Greg and Xen Angelides together to discuss the future of the fitness industry and how clubs can prepare for the next wave. Click to listen


Contact Greg: Contact Xen: TOLL-FREE NZ 0800 552 878 TOLL-FREE AU 1800 552 878 Xen Angelides Greg Doherty Total Gym IHRSA  #education #howto #gym #club #futurism #instrumentation #episode #fitnessindustry #fitnessindustry