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She Is YOU Campaign Launches Women’s Fitness Business

She Is YOU Campaign Launches Women’s Fitness Business

Women Leaders In Fitness Business Thank You For What We Conquered Together 2019. Events – Podcasts – Travelling.

There is nothing wrong with being bold, nothing wrong with asking the world of business to be accountable and certainly nothing wrong with voicing YOU! Unfortunately for some, this is just not possible the courage is not there. Extremely talented women pushed to the side and not given opportunity, these women are the fear of others inside what at times they think is a safe environment. What I want for women in 2020 is this… other women to grab women by the hand and say you are awesome at what you do and I’m going to make you the next me, I want women to be true to the words of empowering women, be true to the words of giving opportunity, I’m weak at this but you are strong, come and collaborate with me, not just for alignment to be seen with the right person, but because you believe in them, you don’t have to like them that’s ok, but don’t punish them for that because ultimately another person will miss out on what they have to offer. In every industry I have ever worked in there has always been the chit chat of ‘the men’s club’ but in every industry, there is also ‘the women’s club’. We are getting better at eliminating this culture but we have to work harder, invite them to know us both women and men.
In order to progress to give our daughters, grandchildren and the younger generation who stand with us a future, we need to open our minds.
Imagine what women could truly conquer.
Imagine a world where strong women team alongside stronger women. Imagine a world where there was no fear of exile.
One of my visions for the next decade is to push the next generation of women to the frontline, to mentor, to create opportunities, to make way for the talented, the diverse, the different, those that have a skill, those held back.
I had to make my own way – times are changing – time to pave the way. And it all starts here.


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