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Fitness Business Event Australia

Ignite Fitness Business Roundtable Events – Mel Tempest February 2020
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Meet Keynote Speakers And Roundtable Hosts

Greg Sellar 

As an author, speaker, facilitator, coach and radio host, Greg strives in the pursuit of better. He is a card-carrying member of Generation X. Like most his age, he’s trying to find his way in the world at a time of shrinking outlooks and expanding waistlines. A ‘Gen X Vigilante’, he’s tired of society fretting over delicate millennials and how they’re coping, all the while propping up baby boomers who demand a quality of life they haven’t prepared for.

Steve Jensen CEO At Impact Training Is A Highly Sought After-Sales Trainer. What Club Owners Love About Steve’s Training Is His Adaptability To Meet The Individual Needs Of Clubs And Their Teams. Steve’s New Online Training Has Gained Significant Momentum And Is Booked Solid.

Liam Robertson, Managing Partner From CFM – Creative Fitness Marketing, Was Recognised By #Facebook As An Inspiration.

Owen Bowling Has Gained A Reputation As The Brand Builder.

Social Media Marketing And Sales Is An Art, Catching The Right Audience Has Gone Beyond The Everyday Post And Closing The Sale Takes New Skill For A New Generation Of Consumer And Team Member!

Four  Of Australia’s Well Known Experts Share With You The Tools That Will Keep You Ahead Of Your Existing Competitors And New Boutiques In 2020.

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