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Women’s Fitness Business Leader FIBO USA

Women’s Fitness Business Leader FIBO USA - IHRSA Award Winner

Women’s Fitness Business Leader Changing The Landscape For Women And Men In The Fitness Business Industry.

There are “thought leaders” and then there’s Mel Tempest.

Mel is a truly innovative leading thought leader who continuously turns conceptual ideas into tangible results. She’s been doing this instinctively since she was a kid.

Now Mel has carved out an award-winning career of applying her superpower to help businesses, organisations and individuals acquire unforeseen levels of success.

Mel has an innate ability to identify weakness and formulate turnkey solutions that removes the stress and pain from within your business.

She teaches operators how to think bigger and do better so they can remain ahead of the game at all times.

Mel is a highly respected business educator and podcast host, her experience as a successful club owner  has allowed her the opportunity to create impact and change for club owners and suppliers.

Her insights into business as a club owner give her the edge when club owners pick up the phone for advice.

Mel will be in Miami In October at Register Fibo USA