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Gym Owners Success – See’s Launch Of Womens Leaders Fitness Business Event Melbourne

Gym Owners Success Leads To Womens Fitness Business Event

September 8th 2019 Will Be Our 16th Birthday, What An Incredible Journey.

Owning a fitness business comes with good and bad and being a thought influencer is no different my goal and focus are to make the business of fitness easier for women, give them tools and opportunities supported by like-minded women so they don’t feel alone.

On the day we will be launching a new program “MENOFITNESS” for women along with two more programs to enhance and profit the business of fitness. The women’s 40plus market is often ignored yet highly profitable, all these programs can be run by single-site operators to big commercial clubs.

On Friday, August 23rd Melbourne’s first Ignite Women’s Gym and Fitness Business Event will launch with fabulous educators and experts such as Meghan Jarvis Lyn Miller Michelle Furniss Margaret Weller Katrina Cochrane Kelly Weideman Laraine Dunn Analee Gale Fiona Kriaris Nadine Kemp Flic Manning Christine Gaby Emma Milne Rosalind Li and Edwina Griffin who will be there to encourage, educate, inspire and motivate the fitness businesswomen of Melbourne to greater opportunities in business, careers, personal growth, taxation, property and superannuation.

Mel Tempest has run successful events in Melbourne, Singapore and launches at FIBO USA Miami Beach  October 2019.

Mel is quoted as saying the events are for personal trainers, club owners, gym managers, group fitness instructors people and who may wish to open a small business to a large business.

We also have may suppliers come along as well, such as Myzone Evolt360 and Debit Success just to mention a few!

A day out for women who want more.

We hope to see you there.

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