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Straight to the point on a Sunday night

Straight to the point on a Sunday night with some fit biz tips for you!
Thou larger commercial club owners are being told to ride the wave out on the saturation of boutique/training gym clubs popping up around them I disagree the wave hasn’t even started in Australia!!!
Boutique Studios such as Barre, Soul Cycle, Triyoga, Dance, Pilates, Orange Theory, etc.
Training Gyms as they are called in the U.S but more commonly known in Australia as Functional or HIIT venues that provide team group training!
Tip:- Don’t try to ride the wave out create your own boutique or training gym in your club, if you don’t your members will definitely go check out the above down the road from you.
These styles of venues are popping up everywhere, empty retail shops are now becoming boutiques, vacant office space is now becoming a well-being studio all in aid of the current boom in the fitness industry. The Boutique/Training Gym experience provides group training, community, and personalization. Whats even crazier is that a new trainer straight out of getting qualified can walk into any real estate office and rent his/ her own space and there’s nothing you can do about it. Working for yourself is what we all aspired to do thirty years ago, now it’s just a natural given that you do it its no big deal… Hence why its hard to get staff. All you need is 150m2 – 300m2 spare space in your club and you can create a business within a business, it’s not that difficult to create, you just need to know which path will create success within your demographic. Think community needs, not YOU needs.
Whatever you decide to be, be unique, get your team on board and trained in upselling, current members no doubt will be your toughest close. Look to providers for group programming structure and ongoing education, create a brand or name for your business within a business and ask for help if you need it. It won’t be easy it will be a tough gig but what will be tougher is trying to get your members back. I’ve often heard that members won’t leave a relationship or culture, the reality is we are all consumers, and we all want to try something new… It only takes one friend to suggest the new coffee shop down the road, and yes just like that we cheat on our usual place. Members are no different.
Don’t have space? With online shopping booming retail shops are vacant everywhere, go find a shop, negotiate a rent-free period or even better buy the shop as your potential superannuation create your brand and go for it.
Below is our nearly 300m2 HIIT N Run Workout Zone Opened March 2018 After a 2 year battle with the council. #GroupProgramming #HIIT #Functional#Sales
Inbox me if you would like a referral to any providers.