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In response to the obesity and sugar flaw in Australia!



My response to the above article – let’s just move away from the politics for a moment and let me open your mind up to this thought, no actually this fact.

Where do all the overweight people go for help? Where do they get the best possible help?

The fitness industry? The Gym? The Shed that has a sign out the front that says I’m a PT with 6 months experience?

Well, let me tell you this unless they get lucky and they find the right person who has a conscience and education it’s highly likely they will get hooked on a social media advert promising them results from a personal trainer who is half their age and has about 6 months experience behind them. We might have a sugar problem here in Australia controlled by politics but we also a problem in the fitness industry, and the fact is we are a self-regulated industry making up rules as we go along and it’s total bullshit and its controlled by nobody! If the fitness industry doesn’t become regulated we have a serious problem coming, unhealthy overweight people relying on uneducated trainers to get them healthy. Now do not get me wrong yes we have some very well versed and experienced trainers out there, university qualified or long-term trainers in the industry who continue their education yearly and get fantastic results for their clients. My concern is the industry is churning out more underqualified trainers every month who are then setting up shop in factories jumping on the next trend advertising it on social media signing up people who are sold on the glamour the media portrays of each sex…. be sexy in 3 classes per week that’s all you need to do! Is the consumer even aware that in the majority of cases these trainers haven’t even undergone training to teach group training, do they realise in some courses to become a PT its not taught at all? Do they even realise some of these people don’t even finish the courses? The picture is bigger than a bunch of politicians arguing about sugar tax the picture is this. The fitness industry is not doing its job obesity is climbing, chronic illness for female millennials is appalling, primary school kids still go to school without breakfast and it’s still cheaper to buy take away than fruit and vegetables. Do you want to clean up obesity? Do you want the next generation to live chronic illness free? Then clean up the fitness industry make it regulated, make it transparent and accountable and only when this is done, only then will the obese community get the help and education they deserve by qualified trainers who understand exercise and nutrition… But for now, let’s all get injured with a bunch of under-qualified trainers and let the politicians argue about the sugar tax!