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Fitness Business – Twelve months on from my trip to IHRSA and I still have the same thoughts

I haven’t written a blog for a while it’s not that Ive been too busy to do it – well I have been a little busy Ive just put a new 5 platform functional training zone in my club, new boxing and kids area over the xmas new year break into late Jan. Buts that not what this blog is about!  I have to say I’m totally frustrated at the moment with the lack of information out there to assist club owners in growth I mean real information and real assistance. Sick of club owners being told to do this and do that at workshops yet they walk away without the tools to do so. We keep telling our members they need to be accountable for their workouts maybe we need to tell our educators at conventions to be accountable for their workshops. It’s the same old same old everything is marketed to the middle man club owner or those with more exposure than others. What about the new person on the block what about the club owner who has been in the industry for 30 years who has no idea,the club owner who has no money because he’s been buying every god dam book you the successor told him to buy. Who’s helping these guys??? Nobody you know why because they lack profile!   They don’t want to sign up to a twelve month subscription that gives them weekly tips or stories re-hashed from somewhere else, this info is no good to them if they don’t know the basics and for gods sake supply these people with info from the NOW !!

Actually I’m pretty pissed with the industry here I woke the other day with the thought I don’t want to do this anymore the RTO’s have a lot to answer for in the lack of education they give new personal trainers coming into the industry with club owners having to pick up the pieces. – Stop telling these students they’re tomorrows entrepreneurs ,tell them to get educated more, give them a plan when they leave you. And it’s not just the RTO’s here it’s the fitness industry as a whole – there are a lot of amazing Australian business owners  like myself who can assist club owners and health clubs to be better at business. How about the industry moves over a little and gives these people opportunity. Businesses want to be educated by those in the NOW people who walk the talk people who get it people who work in it everyday. AVERAGE EVERYDAY PEOPLE NEED HELP!

Twelve months on from my trip to IHRSA and I still have the same thoughts the Australian fitness industry has so much to learn from the Americans. Yeah sure it’s a big statement liked or hated by some and yeah I leave a little debris along the way when I speak or get the job done (the actual chosen word about me 3rd party was collateral) but thats what I do get the job done and you can’t knock me down for that, I say what others won’t I never got in this industry to be a falsified version of me – I don’t kiss butt – love it or leave it I’m practical and I get the job done.

I don’t have sour grapes just a sour taste in my mouth from an industry that puts its hand out more often than it gives out.

Until next time – Mel Tempest



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  1. JTActivemgmt

    Interesting blog as always Mel . . . you always seem to hit the nail on the head so many times and speak truths that no one else does. Well done.

    If I can add a couple of thoughts from my experience and observations . . .

    I actually think there is now TOO much out there for club owners of any experience to latch on to for help. I would suggest there are now more business consultants or coaches in the fitness industry than we ever seen before. Some with great credibility and others – well let’s just say perhaps a few more years in the hot flames of business to scar them would be advantageous. As a result, club owners & PT business owners are being promised in the marketing incredible (and potentially unrealistic) results. They then spend their money on the service (or as you say a book) and there is no result.

    This is not good for the members of the club, the staff of that club, the club owner or the other consultants in the industry who do deliver. Perhaps Fitness Australia should look at a register for industry consultants?

    From my experience with club owners, they don’t know what they don’t know. So they often struggle to articulate what is wrong with their business or worse still don’t even know what is wrong other than struggling to pay the bills.

    In our industry we promote personal training. We have all the emotional benefits of selling PT down pat! To me a coach or consultant is there to help a business owner grow their business based on that business owners needs, not based on the cookie cutter approach. They should the PT of the business owner. So if they sit down and complete a thorough needs analysis then the assistance will be tailored.

    Question is, is this being done for the owners?

    In saying that, if the club owner is receiving weekly business development tips in bite size chunks this may just spark something internally and they think, “I could do with help there!” And at least they now have a go to person or company.

    I absolutely agree with you statement on RTO’s. They heavily influence the industry (perhaps too much) with either the direct message or the subliminal message to their students.

    I think people like yourself add enormous value in the area of coaching club owners. You are in the trenches and have empathy with what they are going through. On the other hand, is a consultant like me. I have been in the industry 30 years next year and like you done every job. Then by choice, sold my clubs and now work to help club owners #STRENGTHEN their businesses. I spend allot of time researching gym models, business models and the consumer to add value to my clients. I challenge them to NOT think like a gym owner as they will then only be as good as other gym owners. I understand what you are saying (and agree to an extent) but some of us do spend many hours adding value to clients, even thought we do not own a gym.

    And finally, there are some areas that the US industry are superior to the Aussies. There are also aspects of our industry is superior to the US. I think both can learn from each other.

    Keep up the great blogs and getting all your jobs done!

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