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Gym Business Fitness Tech #40plus Club Owners

The business of fitness as we know it is changing for #40 plus club owners and the options we have are to embrace it or close up shop, because as sure as tomorrow will come you won’t survive without the embrace.

So here’s some assistance from me a 50 year old independent club owner of 12 years who embraced technology as an early adopter to those who are just plain unsure!

Your role as a club owner if you want to continue as one is to offer your members regardless of their age/sex the best possible fitness experience.This is your job,they pay for a service and they deserve the best service on offer to them in the current market place.

You don’t need to know how to put it all together thats not your job thats the job of the provider thats what he does,thats his expertise. Just like your expertise is your members.

  1. Any person that enjoys working out is wearing a wearable, it could be a heart rate monitor via watch or chest strap.
  2. These people also have an app on their phone,they may have downloaded it from an app store or it could be associated with their wearable.
  3. Our fitness enthusiasts also want to workout when they want,so therefore could be downloading workouts online.
  4. We don’t want our clients going anywhere else but our club.

Here are four products that I recommend and receive no financial gain for doing so. I have explained these as if you know very little.

  1. Myzone – a simple chest strap heart rate monitor worn by your client. When your client works out in your club their heart rate will appear on a TV or Projector in the club. The Myzone belt also has its own live app, this means they can also see their workout on their phone. A small console will be installed in your club and the console requires minimal work. Your member appears on the console and TVs in the club. The advantages to Myzone in your club are the following. A:It will bring your members together as a community who workout together. B:It makes them accountable. C:You can create challenges in the club simply by creating an event and inviting them. D:Members are rewarded with points when they workout.Points equal status,the more points the more status. We all love status,Status makes up compete and work harder = results = retention. E:Social interaction is high creating higher retention for your club. F:Clubs have their own Myzone mini web so that you can interact with your clients. Myzone gives you access to marketing and on going education.
  2. Netpulse App – a simple app designed around the features of your club. You don’t need to do anything Netpulse does everything. Positives: A:You can advertise promotions. B: Record workouts by taking a picture C:Members can refer friends D:Connect your social media pages to the app E:Club feed – You can applaud your friends workouts F:Club Extras  Icon – Membership links can be placed here, meaning not only do your members have the opportunity to renew but non members with the app can buy!But here is the best about the Netpulse app. You can advertise the app via paid Facebook ads to your WHOLE community this means you engage people who are not members of your club – they download the app via the iTunes or Google store. You then send out push notifications (same as SMS but free) to everybody who has your app.They receive the information which could in return entice them into your club and it cost you nothing to create that lead and yes these notifications can have links to ‘buy’. All of this in an app, an app that creates revenue.
  3. Wexer Virtual – Off peak time slots for group fitness are hard to fill and expensive to run. For a small investment you can run virtual group fitness classes.This means you can run classes in the quiet times without hiring an instructor. So who attends these classes or more likely who can I market to. A:Mums with babies in prams or capsules – create a mums and bubs class! B:Run classes in times when you know shift workers will be looking for a workout. C:Run beginners classes. D:Virtual classes interact with workout apps. These classes run via a console and you have access to your own mini web site. Imagine being able to advertise in your community that you run classes 24/7


Like the concept not to sure where to start? I suggest you contact the above direct or I’m happy to refer you to my consultant at each provider. Assist you in anyway I can. The other option you have is to contact the team at or  Both of these suppliers are in the now of fitness assisting club owners to grow and move into the future.


Mel Tempest
Fitness Business Coach
Motivational speaker on the business of fitness
Innovator Implementer Ideas person


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