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Tall Poppy Syndrome,Fitness & the Now

Writing a blog on tall poppy syndrome has had a few people comment with things like

‘why would you do that’ = because its real and its honest and if we can’t live like that whats the purpose of what we do.

“It won’t be good for your career’ = blowing wind up somebody’s backside to get where I want isn’t a good idea either. Be real, be honest and everybody knows where they stand.

Tally Poppy Syndrome – People who put a barrier up to stop others forging forward in their chosen career or just god dam life.

Why? Simple, the victim of TPS obviously has something to offer that they (the person cutting somebody off from the knees) don’t or they (victim) do it better. It’s a fact because really if your good at something and you don’t feel threatened you should be mentoring more people to come thru the ranks and offer a fresh perspective, but the knee cutter doesn’t.Shame on them especially in an industry like mine that promotes equality and wellbeing for all. How can you sell positivity when your insecure yourself. I can’t speak about every industry or every person in the fitness industry but I’ve spent the last 15 years in the fitness industry(12 as a club owner & for 2 years I supplied group fitness programs to clubs) and sorry guys its alive and kicking…….but then it was when I worked in real estate also! (another story)

What absolutely blows my mind is that we as an industry are experiencing rapid change.

1.Everyday new technology enters the industry

2.Everyday a new demographic of exerciser arrives at our clubs

3.Everyday a new demographic of club owner opens its doors

4.Everyday new programs are advertised

5.Everyday the new demographic of the fitness employee arrives with their resume

But hello, who is educating 3 & 5 on 2 once they leave the R.T.O?

Every year all over the world, fitness industry shows are advertised and editorials in magazines are written, fitness professionals register and rock up, to listen and to be educated on all that matters to them, and thats to make their business awesome. Disappointing thou is every year we see less and less new exciting fresh speakers and we need to ask ourselves why? Is it because nobody wants to speak, is it because our industry is turning out more failed entrepreneurs than success stories, thus we have failed them in the RTO, are we not teaching our peers how to become the new generation of speaker because we fear our own place in an industry where we have become a public figure and we don’t want to share? Yes notable people are insecure – or is it as simple as your cheque book is not big enough! For me personally there are three public figures that I will always book into their workshops.Why? Because they’re in the now, they live and breathe the topic they share and yes they’re in touch with whats going on today and tomorrow. Their stats are fresh and their testimonials are real. Sad to say I’ve been disappointed over the years like many. I attend a workshop and it’s the same topic as last year – speaker apologises with “some of you may have heard this last year” Um excuse me your in a position of trust, a position of education, people in that room are depending on you to help them grow they have invested their dollars in you – and you give them last years workshop, what an insult – if you can’t deliver fresh content then don’t deliver!

If the industry is changing as often as we preach then why aren’t we? Why aren’t we moving over and letting new blood in? How can we stand there and lecture on succession,talk about new technology,new apps,new programs, tell club owners to get onboard and move with change when we don’t even practice what we preach,yeah sure we love what we do and we don’t want to let go but hey somebody let go to let you stand,speak and influence. Let the new in.

It’s a new era and if you’re not in the now and I mean living all aspects of the club experience, let me tell you fitness professionals who take the time out to invest and attend workshops don’t want to hear your old stories,that was 10 years ago and by the way did you make or lose money when you owned a club? They want access to the now leaders, the people who once sat and listened to you, who were inspired by you, the new era wants to listen to the new speaker.

You know it takes more guts to give somebody a go than to hold them back.


So next time you go to write a magazine article or speak at an event or even just draw up a new timetable ask yourself will my audience benefit more from me or a better now version of me.

My top three speakers and why

1.Bryan O’Rourke = Bryan lives outside the square, his passion to share and grow others has re-ignited my own passion to do the same. His futuristic approach is exciting,he’s not afraid to stand tall and yell I’m right when the industry says your wrong.

2.Thomas Plummer = Thomas has an in your face attitude that smiles when he’s telling you there is no grey just black or white.

3.Emmett Williams = Never walks his talk without real stats about real time. Definitely a now speaker on a topic that is engulfing the world.

And I have to say again Mr.Robert Dyer if your ever lucky enough to have a one on one with him you’re a very lucky person – his words will stay with you forever.


Thank you for reading have a great day — stand tall, be heard and never step back.

Mel Tempest