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Speaker School and U.S v’s Australia

I’ve just spent time in Baltimore U.S with the awesome Thomas Plummer at speaker school. After 35 hours of travel I finally checked in to the hotel. What followed was also 4 days of rain and wind. Bugger that forecast changing on me without notice – hold on thats just like home. Snow one day and heat the next.When I set out on this journey I already knew what I wanted to achieve and sure enough the mental picture I perceived as me as a speaker was granted. For years I’ve been told I’m over the top to loud, to much to say,I get the job done but leave shrapnel and so forth well really just a whole lot of shit coming from insecure boring complacent people.I must know my shit because hell I’m still here and successful and people want my help.  You know what else is bullshit I learnt my style is acceptable and now its time to go full steam ahead and move away from the current and jump! I know what I want to do and I’m giving myself a deadline, if you don’t have that you have nothing.Tall poppy syndrome might be alive and kicking here in Australia but it’s not in the U.S “wake up Aussie fitness industry if these guys pick up and come here they will form their own following and kick some serious butts” Who said they have to stay there?

I gotta say this thou speaker school had some real cool talented people who could definitely offer the Australian market a heap of fresh innovative real education, not bullshit pilfered from others drop my logo on it stuff.  I want originality for my industry and my industry deserves it.

 I’ve got some amazing talented fitness friends in the U.S who have accomplished so much in a highly stressful ever-changing profession. Australia doesn’t have a Thomas Plummer, Bryan O’Rourke, Robert Dyer,Emmett Williams,Frank Nash and of course my talented speaker school entrepreneurs. Ask yourself why? Old school is closed the new school is open.

Mel Tempest