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#Myzone Vs the #Applewatch

So I’ve been lucky enough to wear the apple watch now for about three weeks and yes its great to have a new trendy toy to play with and watch how people react to what it can do.From my observation non fitness enthusiasts were more taken by the watch and all its little icons, super excited that you could jump on social media,ring a top friend and the fact that it tells you to get up and move with hey lets check out the stocks and do a bit of E-bay shopping – the watch is nothing more than a mini phone that sits on your wrist and vibrates in middle of the cool down in class,or worse somebody rings you….(yes I know you can turn it off) Once the flashiness of the watch had lost its novelty I felt like a new mum with a newborn to look after. Technology has come so far so why do I need to re-charge or as a new mum says “feed” so often surely #apple realises that I’m busy and am totally over plug this plug that and don’t forget to put it back on before you walk out the door and no I don’t want to power save and turn everything off to increase the life,it’s 2015 I shouldn’t have to do that! – My desk looks like a mini apple mart and no I don’t mean the ones you eat. I’m not a petite person but I do have a small wrist (but a big mouth) and I found it extremely frustrating moving the watch up and down my arm and sorry no it doesn’t always show the time when I tilt my arm. I opted for the larger screen as I’m not getting any younger only smarter – well up until purchasing the watch anyway. I do feel let down by the apple watch, I saved my money as one would save their calories in order to spoil themselves with a bottle of red and Pecan Pie. I feel like my bottle of red and pecan pie are slightly out of date! All the info it gives me is assessable from other devices that require less nappy changing.

But hey I’m not going to let Myzone off the hook either – Myzone is a great tool and what it does for health clubs is fantastic I could go on for hours about the benefits of Myzone & the business of fitness but now is not the time. I know Myzone is always looking at ways to develop the belt and hopefully in the close near future we will see the belt become less intrusive for females and obese wearers. I’d also like to see innovative marketing marketed towards the lay person. Not every person is tech savvy, marketing like this would assist clubs in selling to those who fear technology…..

All in all I say wear what ever wearable makes you get up and get active, everybody is different and we all get off on different things!, But if you’re the supplier remember no matter how smart or intelligent the consumer is and yes they’re two different things “KEEP IT SIMPLE SAFE” then your walking testomonial the consumer will always come back for more.





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