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So Friday is here and gosh how quick did that week go?
How many opportunities did you let go by this week one, two and why did you let them go? Was it timing,needed to think more? What was the reason? Now ask yourself what was the REAL reason – you just couldn’t be bothered! Yep!
Is it to late to go back and grab that moment is it to late to grab the opportunity that you know next week you’ll sit with your coffee look out the window and say I wish I had of done that – It’s not to late? NO – then get up and go do it, whats the worst that can happen that you miss out, just means your back to where your at right now – but at least you gave it a go and thats what life is about giving it a go. I’m off to grab an opportunity that has presented itself to me this morning – I don’t know if I’m ready for it but I’m going to have a shot and I’d rather have a shot than sit and stare out the window and imagine what it could’ve been like!