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We as an industry need to stop blowing our own horns!

Interesting article.

Below is my response to the article on my Facebook page.
The big clubs only take over when the independent lets them. The only difference is the big clubs have several investors of which adds up to a healthier bank account,yet do/did they know their demographic? The independent has one bank account,one investor and a whole lot of passion and knows his demographic. Problem is we ‘the fitness industry’ are not educating our independents the way we should. Instead the vast majority have product thrown at them as a must have in your club or the big chains will take you out! What a load of rubbish! They the independent (not all) make uneducated decisions based on fear. Traditional fitness will never change because the human body will never change – what is changing is the technology that brings the two together – if we know our clients independents can tap into their market and stay in the game without busting the bank account… We as an industry need to stop blowing our own horns, get up and get away from behind the desk, go out and educate our independents.

Time to go back to basics and re-educate.