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New Age Fitness Business Alliance

Time for change, time for action, time to create new choices for fitness professionals. The future of fitness has arrived, its erratic, its fast moving it’s exciting and it’s not slowing down.

Just as fast as the  industry is changing overnight so is the club owner, the exerciser and the technology we rely on. Collaboration is the key to success. Fitness professionals will now unite with new key players, sharing knowledge education and success.

“A New Age Fitness Business Alliance is coming to Australia for fitness business professionals”
Global minds coming together to create a path for the new age
fitness entrepreneur.
Building a bigger better fitness return for your business
Creating wealth and health for your future
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Moving a team member on!

Club owners will resonate with this. Moving staff on!
Clubs don’t get rid of good workers, clubs don’t get rid of those that pay their way. Clubs don’t get rid of team members who bring positivity to other members as well as their team. Club owners don’t get rid of those that have great work and moral ethics. Club owners get rid of those that can’t follow procedures and policy,Club owners get rid of petty behaved people who try to take the rest of the team and members on a negative journey. When staff and members are all complaining about the same person you know theres something not right. Club owners are not bullies for moving staff on because they don’t fit the philosophy and culture of the club,club owners are to be applauded for not tolerating this behaviour and protecting the environment that their team works in. At the end of the day its nature that people talk about people to say you don’t is to falsify who you are as a person, but to deliberately try to create an intense atmosphere amongst a team is not normal. In my club and in many clubs globally I have dealt with, we at times have had to read the backlash on social media  and its well versed knowledge the negativity they write is the proof – it encompasses what we were saying all along – they just aren’t the right people for our culture.
Successful business doesn’t become successful from having the wrong team its becomes successful for keeping the right team.
Don’t ever feel bad for moving people on in business you have a duty of care to your team, just as much as you have a duty of care to your business….Mel Tempest


Fitness Business – Twelve months on from my trip to IHRSA and I still have the same thoughts

I haven’t written a blog for a while it’s not that Ive been too busy to do it – well I have been a little busy Ive just put a new 5 platform functional training zone in my club, new boxing and kids area over the xmas new year break into late Jan. Buts that not what this blog is about!  I have to say I’m totally frustrated at the moment with the lack of information out there to assist club owners in growth I mean real information and real assistance. Sick of club owners being told to do this and do that at workshops yet they walk away without the tools to do so. We keep telling our members they need to be accountable for their workouts maybe we need to tell our educators at conventions to be accountable for their workshops. It’s the same old same old everything is marketed to the middle man club owner or those with more exposure than others. What about the new person on the block what about the club owner who has been in the industry for 30 years who has no idea,the club owner who has no money because he’s been buying every god dam book you the successor told him to buy. Who’s helping these guys??? Nobody you know why because they lack profile!   They don’t want to sign up to a twelve month subscription that gives them weekly tips or stories re-hashed from somewhere else, this info is no good to them if they don’t know the basics and for gods sake supply these people with info from the NOW !!

Actually I’m pretty pissed with the industry here I woke the other day with the thought I don’t want to do this anymore the RTO’s have a lot to answer for in the lack of education they give new personal trainers coming into the industry with club owners having to pick up the pieces. – Stop telling these students they’re tomorrows entrepreneurs ,tell them to get educated more, give them a plan when they leave you. And it’s not just the RTO’s here it’s the fitness industry as a whole – there are a lot of amazing Australian business owners  like myself who can assist club owners and health clubs to be better at business. How about the industry moves over a little and gives these people opportunity. Businesses want to be educated by those in the NOW people who walk the talk people who get it people who work in it everyday. AVERAGE EVERYDAY PEOPLE NEED HELP!

Twelve months on from my trip to IHRSA and I still have the same thoughts the Australian fitness industry has so much to learn from the Americans. Yeah sure it’s a big statement liked or hated by some and yeah I leave a little debris along the way when I speak or get the job done (the actual chosen word about me 3rd party was collateral) but thats what I do get the job done and you can’t knock me down for that, I say what others won’t I never got in this industry to be a falsified version of me – I don’t kiss butt – love it or leave it I’m practical and I get the job done.

I don’t have sour grapes just a sour taste in my mouth from an industry that puts its hand out more often than it gives out.

Until next time – Mel Tempest



It’s about the experience not about the sweat!

So many times like many of you I come across this scenario from group fitness instructors rearing its ugly head!

If you want a proper step workout you need to have 4 bricks under the whole time, if you want a proper pump class you gotta load the bar up! Oh and in cycle its scream scream scream from the instructor whilst she/he tries to rip the legs of the participants  whilst they turn a ghastly pale white! And so forth you get the picture – then there’s the instructor who spends more time telling the social media world they did 500 classes that day and  learnt 10 new releases overnight to the accolades of their friends on social media….. The high percentage of people don’t care how many classes you did and how much choreography you learnt, actually they don’t give a rats bum and by doing so you just alienated half the population from feeling good about the exercise they did that day. Lets get one thing straight if you learnt 10 new releases over night or in a few days good for you, thats your choice the rest of the world doesn’t need to know and if you taught 4 or 500 classes in one day I wonder if each participant actually felt like they mattered?

One of the main reasons group training has taken off in the last few years is because it offers the group effect that some instructors don’t instruct when teaching group fitness. Group training gives experience. Look at Crossfit,Functional training,HIIT and so forth, forget what the foundation of each program is for a minute and think about what they do in EVERY situation…… All of the above take any person at any fitness level and teach them physical execution,they give them goals to aspire to,they do not preach anything ‘they set a small goal building over time and say do your best’ that person then has something to look forward to the following week.  When was the last time you instructed a class and told them to focus on one goal for that week and to hold back in other classes and it was ok to rest that they don’t need to go flat out every session.

Now yes there are some great group fitness instructors who teach fantastic classes and meet all the elements and these guys get great numbers in their classes and people just keep coming back for more. This is what club owners want. So how do you give a participant a great group fitness experience  “make it about them” you might say I do,but do you? Have you ever walked into any BodyStep/Step class and said today I’ll teach the whole class at a beginners level,I’m going hang out with the new guys? Maybe no bricks just the platform,every move is a basic move giving a harder option as a preview and then reverting back to beginner. Have you done this? Yes/No When? Or was your response ‘yeah but I’m there for a workout to’ ‘you can’t motivate that way’ ‘the choreography book doesn’t say to do that’ and blah blah excuses and justifications. Do you realise whenever you put yourself in the same position as a new participant more participants will feel inclined to trust you and come back to your class. It shows you have care factor. Experienced members know what to do but beginners don’t and you are there to encourage health and wellbeing to every person. You are there to encourage 100% maximum workout from them as a single individual,every persons 100% is different from the person standing next to them,when was the last time you told your class this? Your class is their workout, it could be the best part of their day make it an experience.

Motivating your participants comes from the journey you create from the start to the end. It comes from you verbally in what you say and how you say it. It comes from how you present yourself on stage,what you wear,are you wearing clean neat tidy clothes or something your slept in two weeks ago? Your hair –  is it brushed or is it bed hair at 6am? Your make up could just be lip gloss,make an effort. Teaching class is a job you represent a brand, the brand of you – present for it.

Motivation can also come from your energy, are you fit are you lazy – do you practice what your preach? You don’t have to be jumping all around stage like a crazy person, thats not attractive at all nobody wants to come  to ‘out of control classes’. But they will come back when they feel they count, when they feel that class was about them and not just the front row. Don’t be afraid to walk into class and spend a week teaching to all the new participants at their level, they’re depending on you to help them create change. It’s a little sad when you actually hear group fitness instructors talk about the front row, like is that all you see six or seven people at the front week in week out what about the rest of the room. Maybe your front row people are there every week but wow how many people have come and gone? And you didn’t even see them.

The industry is evolving and some factors are changing or slowing down and becoming less and less. You only need to look at Les Mill Live becomes Les Mills Virtual. Like all things we do its about the experience and whats in it for me and how does it make me feel. We really need to look at the new generation of exerciser, there are more of them and they have a different approach to fitness,they are not the dinosaur bodybuilders from the 70’s attitude or the Richard Simmons crazy aerobics member with leopard skin g strings.

The new generation is the generation we created.

Now go coach them.

Mel Tempest

Fitness Business Coach
Motivational speaker on the business of fitness
Innovator Implementer Ideas person

Scare tactics and Independent health club owners

We already know that the #futureoffitness is technology, we can’t run from that, it’s happening now! What I find interesting is the amount of publications referring to boutique studios are the in thing with each studio differentiating itself from each other. Yoga,Barre,Cycle,HIIT etc etc are the supposed go to tools, become one or go broke. Lets take a bigger step back say seven years when 24/7 franchise boxes were opening here in Australia, the negativity that followed for the independent club owner it was dooms day we wouldn’t be able to compete 24/7, low pricing and blah blah. So here we are seven years later and a high percentage of independents have gone 24/7 and have become fierce competition for these now smaller clubs. How did they do it? Education – going 24/7 is not a big deal it just sounded like a big deal and the fear of god was put into the club owner at every convention or workshop they went to…So now lets look at boutiques clubs – the opposite to the 24/7 franchised gym – specialising in anything from hot yoga,cycle,dance,hiit you name it – again another supposed threat to the independent club – I don’t think so. You see all that really needs to happen is we as an industry need to educate our independents on how to counter act boutique style clubs…. Really? Yes! You see the common factor in all this is one thing “group interaction” Training in a club irrespective of its size,its brand,its social status its group training,its social interaction its everything it was back in the 80’s just different…just like fitness of the 70’s was different to fitness of the 80’s ,at the end of the day it was still the above.People meeting with people. There is absolutely no reason for an independent not to re-brand their group training in their club an offer the same as, if not better as the boutique clubs. Training Gym area’s can be set up in any independent club – I’m doing it as I write,I’ll still have a separate cycle room and GF studio – I’ve taken the PT area dumped it and re-developed it – group training – functional training – people want social interaction, you don’t have to be boutique or Crossfit to offer this, you can be an Independent! Boom I just added value to my members membership! ……And any club owner can put in a Heart Rate monitor system in their club and offer an app – Like #Netpulse. You don’t have to be boutique or a 24/7 box club to have these. My beef at the moment is the hype that is caused from ‘experts’ in the industry to shell shock the independents into negative mindset – your role is education, educate them on how to change and become a better business not a scared business.Thats your job – nobody is interested in what you did or saw on your travels they can google that stuff. They want A to Z get me to the finish line.  

Let me leave you with two points to think about –

1.When was the last time you checked how many boutique or 24/7 franchised clubs were up for sale. I love to google “gyms/health clubs for sale, the amount of franchised clubs up for sale is an education itself don’t visit specific www just google.
2.Anybody that tells you that you need to be apart of the latest trend say to them “thats great now show me how to get there and how you got their” If they can’t replicate to you their own experiences then I would probably disregard it… Seriously it would be like somebody who hasn’t owned a gym or fitness business in the social media era telling you how to sell memberships on social media.

Never preach what you haven’t achieved.




My follow up with Fitness Australia

Last week I wrote my opinion on Fitness Australia – thank you to those that inboxed or commented your time out to do this is most appreciated. Thank you to Fitness Australia for taking on my feedback and thank you to Joel from Fitness Australia for making his way to my club yesterday to chat. My thoughts have not changed as per my blog but I do feel in the time I spent with Joel I was able to contribute some exclusive concepts that could be implemented by F.A to enhance and create a better experience for club owners and professional trainers registered with F.A – Fitness Australia haven’t got it perfect and thats ok – there’s no such thing as a perfect business, but with a new board a new outlook and club owners like myself holding them accountable, I don’t doubt they will certainly make an exceptional run for it.
Mel Tempest

Fitness Business – My opinion on Fitness Australia

Lots of post and editorials on Fitness Australia of late in the media some positive some negative – so as a club owner and a member of Fitness Australia for the first time this year here’s what I think.

We know its not compulsory to be member of FA whether you’re a club owner or trainer lets make that clear and the fitness industry is a non- regulated industry,we all know that. I’m in my 12th year as a club owner 12 months ago I paid a membership as a business for the first time and I just received my renewal notice. As a club owner I have alway stipulated I prefer the staff to be FA registered here’s why.

By being registered with FA I know that they can only receive this recognition by gaining continuing education points,this means over a set period of time they need to educate themselves in the area they practice in. EG: personal trainers need to update their skills so that they deliver to their clients the best possible training skills not only  for results but safety and ongoing research that can be passed onto clients. Just like any career, up skilling equals success and longevity, results passed onto our clients from up skilling becomes retention not only for the personal trainer/group fitness instructor  but also for the club owner. Everybody stays in a job. Group fitness instructors also need to gain points and they can do this by attending workshops as well. So where do the points come from? They come from various educational providers who write courses both physical and theory. How do the course providers get the points? They write the educational sessions and present the documentation which meets a criteria that FA set. FA then present it to their educational team who then decide if the session has meet their standard and if so they then reward that session with points. The points are allocated based on the type of workshop and the time it takes to do the workshop. The trainer pays for the workshop,gains the points,then presents all their certificates to FA who then renew their registration with FA. A copy is then given to the club owner who then has proof the trainer has educated themselves and not relied on magazines or you tube clips for ideas/concepts for clients.This means a club owner and consumer can feel confident in the staff member. Do course providers have to present their courses to FA? No. Catch is the reasons I gave you as to why I prefer FA registered staff, it helps me keep an eye on my staff.  Can course providers teach courses without FA approval? Yes, its up to the consumer if they want to attend. Some of the Australia’s best educational sessions are conducted by those without FA approval.Think about it is every convention speaker/trainer registered with FA?

There is no other current organisation to my knowledge that offers the same to our industry as FA – in lay terms they have no real competitors.

In the twelve months that I have been a club member of FA that is a registered business I have not received one phone call from any person.I’m a new member where was the follow up? I have received newsletters thou!

My issues with FA

1.We have to many non qualified trainers in the industry setting up shop, as the only organisation here in Australia representing the fitness industry you should be doing something about it. These people take income from us the club owner and our staff, Therefore disallowing some clubs the affordability of a FA membership.

2.Stop wasting money in areas that have absolutely no gain for independent club owners. Get off the political agenda the only clubs to benefit from this is the chains.

3.Yes you went into battle with Apra – but I still have a $7k bill yearly and when I went to Apra to question some of the pricing the reply was it’s FA fault they negated. I am not the first club to have this issue. Maybe your board needs real club owners who work their business everyday and have a better understanding of the business of fitness to assist in decisions.

I doubt I will renew my business membership with FA, as a consumer of a product its been poor service. No personalised touch at all, perhaps FA need to attend a few retention workshops. I am your client and your accountable to me just as I’m a club owner and accountable to my consumer.

It’s a small cost whats the big deal – No it’s an expensive cost when I don’t get a return! Would you put money in a term deposit for 12 months and get nothing.

I’ve owned my club for 12 years and for the last 8 years as an instructor and trainer I haven’t been registered with FA. I continue to educate myself 24/7 at workshops both accredited and not accredited with FA. I travel to Filex every year and attend many other conventions. I don’t need to be a member to attend them. I’m a business owner and I make myself accountable to educate. I have great pricing on insurance and I can work and have worked for other providers without FA registration. My business is a success.

I look forward to watching the new board members drive Fitness Australia with change.


Mel Tempest








Fitness business – America V’s Australia – Who is the land of opportunity and my top 4 consumer tools.

So here I am writing about the heading above. Now there’s two ways how to write this blog I can do it so over half the population need a dictionary to understand what I’m writing and bore you to death or tell it in lay terms,which is real. So I’ll write as a consumer, after all that’s what I am when I go to these events, a consumer after all I’m an independent club owner looking for inspiration in an industry that is evolving at the speed of light. Well, America is. Why? Pretty simple it’s the way they deliver themselves. Technology for starters is everywhere and the Americans embrace it, they share it,they educate you on it,there not shy and there so freaking HAPPY they want the world to know about it.No wonder Forrest Gump was a hit. From Apps to watches,to clothing with sensors its there it’s happening and you want to be apart of it how could you not want to be a part of progress? – as people as individuals we are progress in the making until the day we die. What I enjoyed the most about the American fitness industry was how they embrace people they open their arms to do whatever they can to help you, whether its education or just a chit chat about life,they never make you feel like you’re speaking to a sales person and it doesn’t matter who you’re speaking to they really have a deep care factor – there’s no closing in the conversation,it just ends when it does. Their energy is over the top,innovation is a priority,growth is paramount and they listen,they listen in silence.They’re not superior nor do you feel inferior you’re an equal in an industry where in Australia we fight for survival,to be heard,to be seen to be taken seriously about our passion. Opportunity is big in the U.S for those with passion,creativity and willing to embrace change. But most importantly it’s a country of chance where every person is embraced for what they give.

Continue reading Fitness business – America V’s Australia – Who is the land of opportunity and my top 4 consumer tools.

Tall Poppy Syndrome,Fitness & the Now

Writing a blog on tall poppy syndrome has had a few people comment with things like

‘why would you do that’ = because its real and its honest and if we can’t live like that whats the purpose of what we do.

“It won’t be good for your career’ = blowing wind up somebody’s backside to get where I want isn’t a good idea either.Be real, be honest and everybody knows where they stand.

Tally Poppy Syndrome – People who put a barrier up to stop others forging forward in their chosen career or just god dam life.

Why? Simple, the victim of TPS obviously has something to offer that they (the person cutting somebody off from the knees) don’t or they (victim) do it better. It’s a fact because really if your good at something and you don’t feel threatened you should be mentoring more people to come thru the ranks and offer a fresh perspective, but the knee cutter doesn’t.Shame on them especially in an industry like mine that promotes equality and wellbeing for all. How can you sell positivity when your insecure yourself. I can’t speak about every industry or every person in the fitness industry but I’ve spent the last 15 years in the fitness industry(12 as a club owner & for 2 years I supplied group fitness programs to clubs) and sorry guys its alive and kicking…….but then it was when I worked in real estate also! (another story)

What absolutely blows my mind is that we as an industry are experiencing rapid change.

1.Everyday new technology enters the industry

2.Everyday a new demographic of exerciser arrives at our clubs

3.Everyday a new demographic of club owner opens its doors

4.Everyday new programs are advertised

5.Everyday the new demographic of the fitness employee arrives with their resume

But hello, who is educating 3 & 5 on 2 once they leave the R.T.O?

Every year all over the world fitness industry shows are advertised and editorials in magazines are written, fitness professionals register and rock up to listen and to be educated on all that matters to them and thats to make their business awesome. Disappointing thou is every year we see less and less new exciting fresh speakers and we need to ask ourselves why? Is it because nobody wants to speak, is it because our industry is turning out more failed entrepreneurs than success stories,thus we have failed them in the RTO,are we not teaching our peers how to become the new generation of speaker because we fear our own place in an industry where we have become a public figure and we don’t want to share?Yes notable people are insecure – or is it as simple as your cheque book is not big enough! For me personally there are three public figures that I will always book into their workshops.Why? Because they’re in the now, they live and breathe the topic they share and yes they’re in touch with whats going on today and tomorrow. Their stats are fresh and their testimonials are real. Sad to say I’ve been disappointed over the years like many. I attend a workshop and it’s the same topic as last year – speaker apologises with “some of you may have heard this last year” Um excuse me your in a position of trust, a position of education, people in that room are depending on you to help them grow they have invested their dollars in you – and you give them last years workshop, what an insult – if you can’t deliver fresh content then don’t deliver!

If the industry is changing as often as we preach then why aren’t we? Why aren’t we moving over and letting new blood in? How can we stand there and lecture on succession,talk about new technology,new apps,new programs, tell club owners to get onboard and move with change when we don’t even practice what we preach,yeah sure we love what we do and we don’t want to let go but hey somebody let go to let you stand,speak and influence. Let the new in.

It’s a new era and if you’re not in the now and I mean living all aspects of the club experience, let me tell you fitness professionals who take the time out to invest and attend workshops don’t want to hear your old stories,that was 10 years ago and by the way did you make or lose money when you owned a club? They want access to the now leaders, the people who once sat and listened to you, who were inspired by you, the new era wants to listen to the new speaker.

You know it takes more guts to give somebody a go than to hold them back.


So next time you go to write a magazine article or speak at an event or even just draw up a new timetable ask yourself will my audience benefit more from me or a better now version of me.

My top three speakers and why

1.Bryan O’Rourke = Bryan lives outside the square, his passion to share and grow others has re-ignited my own passion to do the same. His futuristic approach is exciting,he’s not afraid to stand tall and yell I’m right when the industry says your wrong.

2.Thomas Plummer = Thomas has an in your face attitude that smiles when he’s telling you there is no grey just black or white.

3.Emmett Williams = Never walks his talk without real stats about real time. Definitely a now speaker on a topic that is engulfing the world.

And I have to say again Mr.Robert Dyer if your ever lucky enough to have a one on one with him you’re a very lucky person – his words will stay with you forever.


Thank you for reading have a great day — stand tall,be heard and never step back.

Mel Tempest




The A – Z Guide to business fitness success



Easy-To-Follow Actionable Steps to Teach You How To Make A Business Out Of Your Passion

In the past 20 years the fitness industry exploded in popularity!

Actually, it is one of the most lucrative industries to be a part of right now, and I’m going to show you exactly how.

You see, my name is Mel Tempest and for the past 13 years I have been an independent health club owner – but that’s not as ‘small-town’ as it sounds…

If there’s a well of success in this industry, I tapped it. Continue reading The A – Z Guide to business fitness success