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The Gym Owners Business Podcast Goes Mobile

Never miss an old or new podcast again!
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It won’t take up much room on your phone and the rewards will be huge. The Gym Owners Business Podcast gives you access to global business owners and their knowledge to get your business bursting at the seams in 2018!

All our speakers and host Mel Tempest donate their time freely to enhance the lives of fitness business owners.



Thomas Plummer

This episode with Thomas will set you up with the latest business coaching tools to set your business up in 2018. Thomas talks about how the United Kingdom has taken off and why. Those making a mark in Australian fitness industry. 

The most significant game changers for you in the last 12 months. 

The names of the ‘guns’ for you to follow. 

The image of the fitness industry is changing; people are taking us more seriously.

Thomas gives you the top names for you to follow. Nutrition, Coaching, Mindest, Social Media, Over 50’s and Sports Performance.

He talks about Filex in Sydney 2018

   “The Rule Book Is Out”

Thirty minutes with Thomas at the start of the week will set you up for a strategy beyond twelve months. 




Register now to attend Thom’s last social media workshop 


You can catch up with Thomas via https://www.facebook.com/thomasplummer1234

or email Thomas 





How to start a 6 week weight loss challenge if you own a gym


In this twenty minute podcast Julian and Matt discuss the importance of setting up six and eight-week challenges in your club or studio utilising well-planned menus, recipes, information nights and what to do in the last week of the challenge so your members don’t go walking out the door.

With Christmas And New Year Just Around The Corner, This Is A must Listen to Podcast. You Will Walk Away With The Tools To Create And Start Your Own Boxing Day – 2018 Challenge!

Julian Gaylor is the manager of Spartans Gym Kilsyth, one of the largest commercial gyms in Melbourne and an expert at running in-house transformation challenges.  



Matt Moore

Is a corporate development manager turned successful personal trainer. Matt uses his skills to create high-quality documents to enhance clubs offering and boost retention affordably. 





This is a fantastic podcast you just need to press play and listen

*Reluctant Selling *Are we running faster and faster to stay ahead? 

*Scripts *The future for the independent club owner *Small Business *Trends 

*We have the opportunity to shift *Curry

*Favourite Quote *The Witch 

Please visit Bobby on Instagram Facebook LinkedIn

and www.robertcappuccio.com 



Sick of losing gym members to the studio down the road?

Maximise Your Members Spend And Results In The Club

Add Value To Your Business

All With Tribe Team Training’s Portfolio Of

*Quality Controlled Content *Exciting Music *Marketing *Ongoing Education and You Can Use Your Current Equipment

Tribe Team Training Can Build Your Clubs Team Training Programs

Just Like Les Mills Built Successful Group Fitness Programs For Clubs Globally!

Tribe Works Effectively And Efficently With Myzone,

Your Club Challenges And Nutrition Plans.


Chat To Jamie To Join The Tribe Team Today 










Is The Fitness Industry To Blame For Your Business Failure?



Anything is possible when these three personalities come together!

Robert Dyer – Michael Mantell _ Mel Tempest

Get ready for what is set to be an entertaining, in your face, reality check on the real deal of the fitness business. Now on air


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Strength Over Cancer For Gyms,Suppliers and Allied Health

STRENGTH OVER CANCER – A PROGRAM OUR CLUB IS NOW INVOLVED IN – I believe it’s important for those undergoing Cancer treatment to exercise. Every treatment affects each individual differently therefore there is no standard program for all. Each person will receive a personal program with a Strength over cancer trainer. Before working with each person the trainer or allied health professional will need to meet criteria set by the SOC committee. I personally believe exercise plays an important role in our mental wellbeing, understanding and undergoing treatment is not something to be compared. Social interaction is also imperative during these times and this is where exercise aligns itself with treatment. There’s nothing worse for a person to feel isolated and disarmed during treatment. We don’t see our SOC community as victims we see and treat them as we do all our clients who have hit a hurdle in life. Jump the hurdle progress slowly with positivity and surround yourself with people who understand, yet want more than a bed or recliner for you. We spend our whole career encouraging fitness and health so we don’t get sick yet when cancer occurs we encourage sedentary actions. Strength Over Cancer creating resilience through movement.
If you’re a gym, have access to gyms as a supplier,trainer or allied health professional and you would like to be involved please message us.

IHRSA Institute and thank you

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