Not group fitness but brain tumours!

6 weeks ago I put this clip up. Yesterday I was asked and I’m very honoured to be leading the opening warm up for this Melbourne event. Watch this space for more updates and info for you to register.Thanks for sharing the clip below ‪#‎beaniesforbraincancer‬ As most of you already know in March 2013 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour, moving forward it’s now my agenda to raise awareness of the importance of being fit,healthy and self aware of your body, had I not maybe the story would be different. Time to raise funds and awareness. Brain tumours are not dirty words they’re fighting,so lets walk to win the fight.
Cure Brain Cancer’s Walk4BrainCancer – MLB 2015 promises yet again to be an amazing event, entailing a 5km walk, gourmet BBQ, fitness performances with sports ambassadors and entertainment for all ages. The walk will be held on Sunday, 8 November, 2015 at Catani Park, St. Kilda from 10am – 2pm, we expect to attract over 1000 registrations. In 2014 we raised over $90,000 through the Walk4BrainCancer – MLB 2014 and we are confident we can significantly grow that figure in 2015.
Before the walk commences we offer a warm up for participants, as a person of note within the fitness industry and in light of your extraordinary shout out and support of the ‪#‎beaniesforbraincancer‬ campaign, we would be honoured if you would consider leading the warm up on the day.

Group fitness Marketing – No boring posters please!

Here is a short clip that I’ve organised for my clubs next Les Mills launch.

My club runs LM group fitness along with freestyle classes and other providers programs. What I love about LM is the marketing they provide for you. You just need to be pro-active, step out the square and give your current members and prospective members something different to look at – this can work for you in a positive manner if your club is in an area with similar competing clubs who have the same GF providers, having something different gives you an edge. It doesn’t have to be a piece of expensive marketing all decked out – just something different projecting the benefits of your club and the programs. After a while sticking posters up on wall gets boring and looks lazy. Give your club the edge it deserves and give your members an experience they’ll share.

Enjoy the clip.

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Group Fitness is not just Group fitness classes!

Sometimes we forget who our business is, we think big when we should think practical sometimes going back to where you started can create more growth than you think.

Please click and enjoy.


YGfB_S – Presentation US

Humble beginnings- Haters & the feedback box

Ever looked at a fitness business and thought WOW how awesome, how lucky are they,look at everything they do,look at all the cool stuff they have? Wow look where they get to go? Have you ever displayed a little of the green monster because of their success or spoke a little negativity have you been the hater of someones hard work? How often do we give regonition to those that serve and lead us in the fitness industry, how often do we stop and listen to a person’s humble beginnings,maybe we didn’t listen because we didn’t ask maybe you just thought it magically appeared like the tooth fairy does. This week I was reminded of my own humble beginings and it all began when a lovely soul Robert Dyer put a map up on Facebook  “the beginning of South Central” Robert Dyer, Bryan O’Rourke and their families created this. When I looked at it I thought wow to take something from nothing and create everything is an amazing task to accomplish, to be part of their journey for many over the last decade is very special indeed. Who are the people that do this, who are the people that take nothing and create everything, have you ever wondered? For you in the now you see the today person but let me tell you in the beginning we weren’t the today person. We were the people who searched and seeked to give you something different, we were the people that sat up late at night and into the early hours of the morning planning and creating your future experience with our passion and desire to be more than just a supplier or a giver of a service. We were the people who missed our partners,kids and best friends birthdays,we were the people who missed our kids when we travelled,we missed a school concert or grandma’s 70th,we were the people who had a vision to create a dream of ours but to make it yours at the same time. We’ve all sacrificed it hasn’t always been ponies and clowns,sometimes the dark cloud hazes over but we need to remind ourselves of our why-let our passion come forth and let the sun come through. The Fitmarc journey came from humble beginings and we need to remind others sometimes of where we came from, but also at the same time remind them of where they came from. When I read through the feedback box in my club this week I had just come from reading  a post Bryan had put up on haters and thought wow here we are giving our all and thou a very small minority dislike what we do people really do need to be reminded of what we have given up at different stages of our life to serve them. In 2003 I opened a club from zero I had only been in the fitness industry 2 years and only opened a club because a GFM told me I couldn’t teach BJ… bit old to be told what to do!

For 18 months I had gym equipment in my house,no kitchen table & chairs,bikes up the hallway,dumb bells on the floor,garage full, everybody was yelling at everybody!…We had a building and the landlord  at the 11th hour changed his mind,3 kids, a hubby, in a house full of gym equipment and nowhere to go…and so the story goes on, $3.63 in the bank and I had to pay wages…..and so the story goes on….as do others have their story to tell.  I wonder if the feedback would be different if they knew our story.

Don’t ever assume we were gifted with this amazing experience that you now enjoy it took along time for us to get here and the journey continues. Behind every happy ending there is a humble beginning one that often is not heard. Maybe next time stop,ask,listen,appreciate and recognise, not just the now but the beginning. 


So Friday is here and gosh how quick did that week go?
How many opportunities did you let go by this week one, two and why did you let them go? Was it timing,needed to think more? What was the reason? Now ask yourself what was the REAL reason – you just couldn’t be bothered! Yep!
Is it to late to go back and grab that moment is it to late to grab the opportunity that you know next week you’ll sit with your coffee look out the window and say I wish I had of done that – It’s not to late? NO – then get up and go do it, whats the worst that can happen that you miss out, just means your back to where your at right now – but at least you gave it a go and thats what life is about giving it a go. I’m off to grab an opportunity that has presented itself to me this morning – I don’t know if I’m ready for it but I’m going to have a shot and I’d rather have a shot than sit and stare out the window and imagine what it could’ve been like! 

Living with a brain tumour

Well, last Sunday night many of you sat back and watched the logies and if you don’t know what the logies are well it’s a bit like the golden globe awards but AUSTRALIAN! The gold logie logie went to Carrie Bickmore, Carrie spent her moments of fame bringing awareness to Brain Cancer. Carrie’s husband has passed away about five years before from this terrible disease he fought for a decade. Brain cancer kills 8 in every 10 there is no government funding yet its kills children more than any other disease. Globally there are many many support groups set up for brain cancer patients and of course brain tumour patients. I belong to about six groups. I’m a strong supporter of The Brain Tumour Alliance of Australia and wherever I can raise funds. I’m not asking for a pat on the back I can do that myself I just want somebody to find a cure, a cure so that tumour patients both benign and malignant  can rid themselves of the suffering,the unknown and mind games that come with it. I have a benign tumour and you may think thats great it’s not malignant  and yes thats true , malignant equates to death eventually and benign doesn’t well not quite. You see the difference is the unknown, is it growing, is it not growing,why do I have a headache,I can’t hear like I use to, my eyes aren’t as good as what they were – is this thing in my head growing or am I just getting old? And so you lie there in the MRI machine waiting waiting then wait again to see your neurosurgeon who asks you bluntly when is it coming out – it has to come out! The thought of somebody taking something out of our head is a horrible thought for all of us isn’t it not just me.  Can you imagine waking up tomorrow and not be able to do what you want, drive,cook,run,laugh, will you remember people,will I be ME – have you ever thought of that – because they’re the risks a person takes when they go to surgery, I suppose every surgery has its risks but this is brain surgery – a life had could be taken away. 

For me quality of life is paramount – this tumour might never grow and I might out live you all and so I should with all the exercise and healthy eating I do!!…..and it might grow next week,next year who knows. What I do know is I can’t imagine not doing what I do I can’t imagine not sharing what I love.  In the middle of a class the greatest fear will come over me, I can be teaching any type of class and I look out there and think what if I couldn’t do this anymore,what if I couldn’t inspire others to be the best they could be, it’s a horrible thought and it’s horrible not knowing. I suppose thats the difference between knowing you are going to die from a disease and not knowing at all. #beaniesforbraincancer #beaniesfortumours 


Quick Group fitness marketing to re-ignite your APRIL & Showing staff the front door.

So April 1st is here and for some clubs that’s a quiet month!30-day-challenge-1

So here’s some marketing ideas to get your members coming in over the holiday break and easter.

April is a great time to run a group fitness challenge – lets say in this case 21 classes over the whole month. Participants attend classes and get their challenge cards marked off at reception. They then go into the draw to win a 12 month membership. Very simple and effective retention tool.

Another idea – Do you have classes that are low in numbers? Yes! Then run your challenge around these programs and offer members to bring a friend free.This is a great idea to create more feet in the quite classes plus the members get the experience of something new.

If your one of those clubs that just prefers to ride April out then I suggest you start your May promotion once easter get-off-the-couch-day-1has passed.This will help motivate the members who have gone AWOL during the holiday month. Don’t forget to send these guys emails and text messages after the 25th…

Attached are some graphics for you to get some ideas!

Tomorrow I’ll be blogging about showing staff the front door!


Writing a blog on showing ex staff the front door is sure to cause some raised eyebrows. Having had a business for 12 years like many others we all agree on one thing our biggest issue is staff! Now I have to be honest here and say yes I’ve read the editorials,the blogs,the slide shares and I’ve been to numerous workshops on managing staff, but let’s be serious no human is perfect so therefore no employer or employee is. You need to get amongst it to get it and if you’re being honest with yourself right now – I bet you’ve had your fair share of “showing staff the front door”

I work with my team,my team works with me – nobody works for me, until something goes a little pear shaped. There’s no grey area with me it’s either black or white and this is a great way to be, everybody knows where they stand.Trust is earned and I’d rather a thief than a liar – you always know where you stand with a thief but never a liar. Liars always get caught – these days social media does the work for you.

The biggest issue in the fitness industry is soliciting – personal trainers or group fitness instructors decide they want to make a break for it and good luck to them they should use your business as a foundation to grow – there is more to life than working in a gym. But if you’re going to use the club as a stepping stone have the common courtesy to respect not just the business owner but your fellow peers around you. You couldn’t make the break without the opportunity they gave you – people weren’t banging on your door, they opened the door for you.

As a business owner don’t be afraid to give people there marching orders – your brand is bigger than any individual “proven fact” a few people might leave with them but 90% come back – why? Because you created a community and culture that can’t be replicated. People respect you for what you’ve achieved, they don’t respect nor have time for those that betray.


We as an industry need to stop blowing our own horns!

Interesting article.

Below is my response to the article on my Facebook page.
The big clubs only take over when the independent lets them. The only difference is the big clubs have several investors of which adds up to a healthier bank account,yet do/did they know their demographic? The independent has one bank account,one investor and a whole lot of passion and knows his demographic. Problem is we ‘the fitness industry’ are not educating our independents the way we should. Instead the vast majority have product thrown at them as a must have in your club or the big chains will take you out! What a load of rubbish! They the independent (not all) make uneducated decisions based on fear. Traditional fitness will never change because the human body will never change – what is changing is the technology that brings the two together – if we know our clients independents can tap into their market and stay in the game without busting the bank account… We as an industry need to stop blowing our own horns, get up and get away from behind the desk, go out and educate our independents.

Time to go back to basics and re-educate.

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