Fitness Industry needs to sell the benefits of group fitness more!

All over the media and the magazines are editorials on thousands of fitness regimes – small group training, bootcamp,crossfit,functional training,boxing circuit and so the list goes on and on, what ever happened to group fitness in the media? Well, group fitness is still huge in clubs all over the world you only have to look at Les Mills,Steel Programs,Fight Klub and Wexer Virtual all these company’s run amazing programs all backed up with professional instructors,so what aren’t we doing as an industry? Selling the value and benefits to our members Why? Because club owners (some) don’t really see the benefits so they focus on everything else functional, spend thousands of dollars in equipment and training oh and marketing to do what to get feet through the door. When really if you sold the benefits to your group fitness programs to your consumers your numbers would be higher, you would have a better retention rate and you’ve created a community that everybody wants to be apart of and less expenses. Yes, I know that functional training formats create that and thats fantastic if your that demographic but not everybody is and there’s a whole market out there of people who love group fitness who aren’t getting enough because functional training is the first and foremost on the lips of every club and every god dam personal trainer out there. So where are these people our group fitness fans going? home dvd,park,nowhere, and what about the people out there that don’t even know about group fitness classes because all they’ve ever seen in the media is functional training,hello people did you not notice a whole new generation of exerciser is coming to town and they want a gym membership,but not everybody wants to jump up and down on boxes. Its time as an industry we got up and started selling the benefits of group fitness programs because I can tell you as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow if you’re not paying attention to this part of your business someone else in your town is and when FF starts to wear off and it will in different ways for each club you better have a back up plan and that back up plan needs to be group fitness. Oh and if your instructors in your club now don’t know how to teach a GF class your already in a shit!

The benefits for group fitness members

  • Community tribe feeling of belonging
  • Social interaction 
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • Health benefits
  • Non intimidating fitness experience 
  • Completing challenges set by the club
  • Being able to take their children to family fitness events, this help encourage retention
  • Loyalty driven by the tribe community

The benefits for health clubs to run group fitness

  • Community hub within the club
  • Positive social interaction and accomplishment from members to the outside world creates testimonials 
  • Creating a healthier member regardless of demographic due to the large choice of well structured group fitness programs
  • Adds value to the membership as there is no extra charge to attend
  • Consistent membership & attendance due to affordability
  • Access to professional streamlined marketing  available and ready to go 24/7
  • Wexer Virtual group fitness classes for off shoulder time slots
  • Access to club Apps such as NetPulse and Myzone
  • Group fitness is a business within a business with the lowest overheads

If group fitness hasn’t been a success in the past for you its because the wrong person is driving it. The right driver is a person who is passionate, a person who is willing to live outside the square to grow your group fitness business, a person who will mentor and lead a team and person who at all times is willing to learn and listen. Group fitness is big business – don’t get caught out.

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Happy weekend – Mel. 


2 thoughts on “Fitness Industry needs to sell the benefits of group fitness more!”

  1. Mel I always appreciate your informative blogs! I fully agree with your assessment of group and other formats, how they are normally executed, or not executed.
    Historically equipment manufacturers have dominated most clubs business models. There is a new generation of studios offering group options in a different, less traditional fashion and successfully so. The research, surveys, and as you noted, having the right people educating, recruiting and developing those that seek a career path in our industry have tremendous opportunities.
    There is a shift Mel, please keep doing what you do and sharing!
    Love your content! robert dyer

    1. Thank you Robert. I truly believe now more than ever we have to take a step back and start re-selling the benefits to both club owners and members on the benefits of group fitness. Club owners should not dismiss class numbers dropping and finding excuses in it’s the weather blah blah. Club owners need to treat their licence fee’s as a long term investment therefore they need to work their investment not find a new toy to play with get bored and move on. There is no long term success in that.
      More campaigns are needed from suppliers ‘BENEFITS’ and lets use all this amazing technology and cross brand.
      I could talk for ages on consumers, clubs and selling the love of group fitness benefits 🙂

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